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September 26, 2012
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BL-A app -- Fadl -Andy- Hakim by ShesaMystery BL-A app -- Fadl -Andy- Hakim by ShesaMystery

Edit: ACK, I forgot a like and dislike. ;A; And I just noticed I screwed up his first name. .-.;
Edit 2: I changed his virginity status, added a couple more turn-ons, X3 and added his relationship status.

:bulletred:Ways I rp: Comment, note, or chat. :D I can also do paragraph or script style, though I prefer para. :new: I also have a skype now! Note me your info and I'll add you. :D

First Name: Fadl

Last Name: Hakim

Alias: Andy

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Arab-Iraqi

Age: 16 (I put junior because it's nearly his b-day. :shrug: I can switch it if I need to.)

Birthday: November 7th

Eye Color: Chocolate Brown

Hair Color: Naturally VERY dark brown, but likes to dye it bright red.

Height: 5'6" (167.5cm.)

Weight: 150lbs. (68.04kg.)

Personality: Andy is wise beyond his years and a very private person by nature. He's one of those people who prefers to have a few close friends than several distant ones. Because he has a tendency to keep to himself, often lost in a book away from everyone else, he's a little bit awkward in casual settings and around his peers, even more so if he doesn't know you too well. His social skills simply aren't as developed as they could be and he's also very blunt, believing that bad news should never be sugar-coated or gently eased onto a person. The two paired together may make him a bit unapproachable, sometimes even insensitive, especially because he tends to keep a work-oriented professional mask up as a self defense mechanism.

Needless to say, Andy isn't completely anti-social. He's just more likely to be comfortable with teachers and older adults than his own peers, and will rarely approach anyone unless it's strictly for business (ie. help on schoolwork). This is mainly because he's a major perfectionist and will constantly fret over the most unimportant details. Therefore, he just doesn't make the effort to approach people to avoid stressing himself out too much. Once he decides that he likes someone, he becomes a bit more friendly and you'll find he has a warmer, more compassionate side to him. On the other hand, if he finds you an annoyance, he'll most likely become even more unapproachable, often ignoring you completely or snipping out ice-cold remarks until you get off his back and leave him alone.

One more thing you should know is that Andy constantly battles depression. Usually, no one notices, either because it's typically so mild, or he hides it so well. He's developed a habit of beating himself up way too much every time he screws up on something, leading to low self-esteem. If he starts acting really down, it's a good idea to keep an eye on him. He's had a history of self-harm and even suicidal thoughts, but thankfully, medication and therapy has kept him pretty stable.

:bulletred: Reading
This is how he spends most of his time. He loves to read anything from textbooks to romance novels fiction.
:bulletred: Writing
Started as an exercise during therapy, but even after he was done using it in his therapy sessions Andy continued to write because he enjoys it. He mostly writes poetry/prose, but never really shows them to anyone because he feels that they're terrible and not worth reading. Not to mention they're very personal and asking him to read one to you (he almost always writes his pieces in his native language) would be like asking him to reveal his deepest, darkest secrets.
:bulletred: Learning
Tries to find something new to learn every day, even if it's not something in his studies or even important to know.
:bulletred: Helping people
When he's not "buried in his books" as his family likes to say, you'll most likely find him volunteering at community service.
:bulletred: Coffee
Keeps him awake a bad night. Could be considered a coffee addict because of it.
:bulletred: Warm weather
Andy is EXTREMELY cold-blooded.
:bulletred: Indian music
The first time he went to India, he fell in love with the colorful culture and their unique music style. He's especially fond of music in Hindu because he's familiar with the language, and you'll often find him humming a favorite song as he's walking down the street.

:bulletred: Rude or overbearing people
People who irk him a certain way or don't leave him alone get on his nerves.
:bulletred: Drawing
It's not that he has a problem with art; in fact, he loves looking at it. It's just that he has no talent in the visual arts and even doodling leaves him flustered because it never comes out EXACTLY as he wants.
:bulletred: Homophobes
Ridiculous stereotypes infuriates him.
:bulletred: Discrimination
Andy hates seeing someone left out or treated differently over something they can't help.
:bulletred: Cold/rainy weather
Oh, man. He's not gonna be happy in Ireland. XD Anyways, he mostly doesn't like the cold at night. He can't sleep unless it's at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
:bulletred: "Almost perfect."
Oh my glob, do not-- I repeat, DO NOT utter those words to him. Especially when he's already frustrated over whatever you're talking about. Andy doesn't generally have a bad temper, but say "the forbidden phrase" (as his friends like to call it) and he'll start fuming instantly.
:bulletred: People disregarding his advice
This is especially true if its his medical advice. It's kind of a blow to his ego and he'll take it as an insult to his intelligence.

Special Talents/Attributes:
:bulletred: Highly intelligent
Andy has a very high IQ for his age, and has always been considered as a prodigy by those who've known him. He just has a knack for absorbing information like a sponge, and frankly, he could already be in college with as much information as he has stored away in such a young brain.

:bulletred: Multilingual
Due to traveling with his parents and his will to learn, Andy can speak several languages, though he hasn't spent enough time on most of them to be able to communicate entirely well. His native tongue is Arabic, but he's very fluent in English and Hindu.

:bulletred: Observant
This one sort of acts as a double-edged sword. He can often see and point out things that others don't (which can get irritating at times), but it doesn't help his perfectionism in the slightest.

:bulletred: Critical thinker
This is probably one of Andie's most notorious talents; while most are still coping with what the consequences will be if they fail a situation, he's already calculating a solution. However, he can only shove his phobia away like this during emergency situations.

:bulletred: Handles pressure well
In fact, he prefers to work under intense pressure than on a leisurely schedule.

Relationship Status: Taken by Talib Maoki [link] and he loves him very dearly. <3

Position in the bedroom: Seke. It doesn't really matter to him, so long as both he and his partner get what they want, but he does tend to lean towards seme due to his general taste in guys.

:bulletred: Cuddly shota/uke (preferably younger)
:bulletred: Taking care of/comforting significant other (He's got strong maternal instincts, Imsorry. OTL)
:bulletred: Passionate kiss on the lips
:bulletred: Licking/biting (could be him doing it or his partner; just be careful not to draw blood.)
:bulletred: Belly fetish. This is one of his weirder ones, but it'd be at the top of the list as the most guaranteed way of getting him excited at any given time. Andy enjoys giving tummy rubs, for god knows what reason. Also recently discovered that he loves having his navel played with, but licking anywhere on his stomach gets him REALLY turned on.
:bulletred: Hipbones! Especially when they're peaking over a pair of tight pants. <33 ....Not that he'd encourage his lover to dress this way in public.

Dreams: To become a doctor, preferably specializing in cardiology.

Phobias: Atychiphobia - fear of imperfection, defects, and/or failure
Mild Socialphobia.

Favorite Flower: Iris

Short Biography: Andy was the born as the youngest sibling in a small, quiet village in Iraq. You could say that he was literally brought up in the medical world, given that pretty much his entire family were made up of doctors and nurses. His parents own a network of hospitals all over the globe, so they often left Andie home alone with his elder sister, Barika. He got most of his kinder traits by watching her.

Andy's high intelligence had been clearly visible ever since he was walking and talking at a much earlier stage the most tots. When he was old enough to attend school, he was already several grades ahead of his class* and therefore was hailed a genius. Regardless, he was to stay in the same classroom as the other children his age. To make sure this attention didn't go to the boy's head, his parents were stricter on him than Barika; refusing to let him wear modern clothing and giving him harsher punishments when he'd broken a rule. They did this so that he'd remain humble and grounded, but the children deciphered this as though they favored Barika over Andy. This is what sewed the seeds to his current problem with perfectionism and atychiphobia. It didn't help that his sister often harassed him whenever he'd done wrong. Their parents straightened her out (and she later apologized to him for being so mean), but they have yet to convince him that they love both of their children equally.

When the US invaded Iraq, Andy and Barika began traveling with their parents on their business trips so they wouldn't be harmed. However, on the one trip they couldn't tag along (he was 15-going-on-16 at the time), a bomb hit their village, killing dozens and destroying nearly the entire town. Both siblings survived, though Barika was critically injured, and after that Andy decided to follow his family's tradition and become a doctor. He'd suggested going to Beatus Luna Academiae where he'd be guaranteed a quality high school education.... or at least that's what he told them. Nevertheless, they agreed and shipped him up to Ireland.

Additional information:
:bulletred: Still has nightmares about the bombing.
:bulletred: Has always known instinctively that he's gay, but is terrified of what his family will think, or worse, do if they found out. He's also very torn about his sexuality since he's Muslim and his religion says it's wrong.
:bulletred: Will wear a uniform if there is one, but beyond that, you'll almost always find him in traditional Arab or Islamic clothing.
:bulletred: Has only started dyeing his hair since moving to Ireland because young people labeled as gay or emo are to be killed in his home country. This is another reason Andy's a little timid about coming out.
:bulletred: No longer a virgin. //shot
:bulletred: Won't respond right away to his birth name right away unless you say it right. It's not that he's intentionally ignoring you, it's just that he's heard his name pronounced so many different ways that he can't tell if you're calling to him anymore. That's why he's created the alias "Andy" for himself.

*Using American terms here because I forgot to look up how the school system works in Iraq. x_x
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featherpencil Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
D'awww shy arab guys...That's so cute,cos Arab guys are rarely shy.....///////
ShesaMystery Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehehe, I like to make characters out of the norm. Besides, I wouldn't call Andy shy by any means despite his blushing virgin moments. He's just a bit.... socially awkward. XD
featherpencil Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well,if Andy needs any help getting by,there's always the friendly Araby senior *winks winks*
ShesaMystery Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe. <3 Would you like to rp?
featherpencil Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure! >< though I'm not used to rp-ing :x
ShesaMystery Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eh, that's alright. I'm in the chat right now, if you wanna do it there. :D
featherpencil Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alright hold on,just lemme finish my late night snacking ><
ShesaMystery Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
K~ I might be just a tad slow though. I'm trying to get an online puzzle done. XP
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Lol. "Hip-Bones" <3 Hehehehe, Im gonna love doing that. Talib should dress up to show his Hip bones then. :D :D AND BELLY RUBS. Renard would love to be bite, no blood. :3
ShesaMystery Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Andy: ....You people love torturing me, don't you? OTL
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