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NEW T-P: Mary McCarthy by ShesaMystery NEW T-P: Mary McCarthy by ShesaMystery
Reuploaded according to the new app. History and a few other things have been revamped, too.
And again, Big thanks to :iconsilvermoon1468: for drawing the image.

Joe's updated bio will be up as soon as I get all my ducks in a row for the written part. @_@

 Bullet; Blue Name: McCarthy, Mary

 Bullet; BlueFamily:

Mother: Sue McCarthy (deceased)

Father: Mark McCarthy (deceased)


-- Joe McCarthy


-- N/A

Other relatives:

-- Cody McCarthy (deceased)

 Bullet; BlueRace: Superhuman

Bullet; BlueDOB: 11/20/1998

Bullet; BlueCurrent Age: 14

Bullet; BlueGender: Male/Female

Bullet; BlueHeight: 5' 5"

Bullet; BlueWeight: 128lbs.

Bullet; BlueHometown: Bibb City, Georgia

Bullet; BluePhysical Desciption:

Mary has an average build, and her posture is one of confidence with a bit of a sassy flare added in. Evidence of an Irish heritage is rather prominent, with her copper-toned hair and freckles littered across her face and clustered through the rest of her body. Her eyes are dark forest green and her skin is of a beige color.

In her taste of clothes, she isn't particular in how she looks; a simple T-shirt and jeans are enough to please her. However, she tends to shy away from skirts or anything labeled as "girly".

Bullet; BlueSupernatural Ability:

-Main: Shapeshifting
Mary is capable of turning into an average sized common vampire bat. In this form, she is fully capable of echolocation and flight. She is incapable of speaking in this form, but she can comprehend human language.

-Sub: Infrared Thermal Radiation Detection (ITRD)
In her human form, Mary retains the vampire bat's pit organs which enable her to detect radiant heat with pinpoint accuracy. These organs are much smaller than a bat's and aren't even noticeable to the naked eye, but they are sensitive enough that she can detect 85 degrees Fahrenheit from several yards away.


Bullet; BlueWeaknesses:

- Physically weak
Doesn't have any fighting experience whatsoever. This is something she wishes to work on in her free time.

- Poor shifting control
Mary's shapeshifting abilities activate when she's frightened, in severe pain, or under too much emotional stress. Recently, she has somewhat learned how to shift at will, but it can still be very hard and sometimes it takes a while. She will also be forced to shift back if she's injured or becomes too fatigued.

- Fear of rats
Most likely due to poor living conditions as a test subject, Mary has a bit of a phobia for rodents. It's not to the point where it'll trigger a full blown panic attack, but she will scream and run out of the room if she sees one.


Bullet; BluePersonality:

-Reliable: Mary is a true git'r'done type of girl. If she says she'll do something, she almost always carries it out. She doesn't like to put things off if she doesn't have to, and will carry out just about any task you give her.

-Stubborn: In her hometown, and especially in her neighborhood, there was a common, well-known saying; "Never tell a McCarthy they can't do something, because they'll prove you wrong." Yes, this little small-town southern girl is not one to back down from a challenge. That's not to say that you can't get some reason into that thick skull of hers. It's just very, very hard.

-Naive: Due to her time in the labs, Mary tends to be a bit gullible. She can be easily taken advantage of, if one plays their cards right. Having said that, under no circumstances will she ever trust a person in a labcoat.

-Heroic: Throughout her life, Mary has always stood up for the underdogs. She actively protected kids in her elementary school from bullies, Joe included, fearlessly telling them to get lost and never regretting whatever repercussions came her way, as long as the people she's protecting doesn't get hurt. Obviously, confronting the offender head-on doesn't always work in her favor, since she's not very strong, and unfortunately, she doesn't really know any other way to go about it.

-Loyal: Mary will follow whomever is her leader to the very end, so long as said leader doesn't stray from the reasons she joined a group to begin with.


Bullet; BlueHistory:

Mary was born as the only daughter and the youngest child in a small town along the Georgia-Alabama border. Her family was a large spread, but tightly-knit group of Supers and humans alike. She learned from an early age to work hard for what she wanted and to be thankful for what she had. She seemed like a normal kid, aside from how she stood up for her big brother when he was bullied by peers and upper-classmates as early as the first grade. The supposed hearing problems he suffered at the time were no secret, and the local bullies knew how easy it was to put him in crippling agony with simply by shouting. Being a snappy thing even back then, she could usually outdo them in their verbal assaults, or at least keep up until they ran out of comebacks or got fed up and left the siblings alone. Stories circulated through the school, and soon she was rescuing her own peers from abuse. It quickly became clear that she wasn't as useful when dealing with kids that weren't afraid to get physical, but in her view, at least she still tried to be of help.

It wasn't until the she was about 8 that Mary revealed her shifting abilities. As her mother was prepping a horse to show, Mary was helping by cleaning the hooves. This particular horse didn't like to have it's back legs messed with, so when she went down to pick a hoof, the horse wrenched it's it from her grasp and ended up kicking her in the face. This resulted in a broken nose and Mary's first shift. Of course, it startled her family at first as they didn't know what was happening (Joe was especially scared since he could really hear the bones cracking as they changed shape), but instead of contacting the DSR, they decided to keep Mary in their home and keep this new found ability away from prying eyes.

Although everyone related to her was naturally accepting, since she certainly wasn't the only one in the family with powers, Mary was now under strict rules to prevent anymore accidental shifts. She didn't like it for obvious reasons, but it payed off for the most part, the shapeshifting was kept well under control. However, in the following winter, it was determined that Joe's extremely sensitive hearing was the result of being a superhuman himself and left for Ireland. It was shortly after this that everything came undone. All of the bullies that she stood up against for so many years finally had enough of this little redhead standing up to them and decided to teach her a lesson. All of them ganged up on Mary at once. Horribly outnumbered, she ran, but ended up cornered in a dead end. They would've beaten her to a pulp if a nearby pedestrian hadn't broken up the fight and sent the other kids on their way. The catch was that the man was a scientist working for a small underground lab, and he needed new supers to test on. Mary had started to shift from her fear, which the man caught on to. By the time she finished shifting into her bat form, she was picked up, bound so that she couldn't take flight, and taken to the lab where she would undergo testing.

For the next couple of years, Mary was frequently transported from one test center to another as they were destroyed by rebellious supers. She was completely isolated from the outside world, not knowing why she was being moved around so much nor that her kind were being destroyed. Given that this was a very small and poorly funded chain of laboratories that wasn't associated with the DSR, living conditions for the test subjects, herself included, were comparable to poverty. The rooms she was expected to sleep in were typically filthy and overrun with rats, which gave her a rather persistent phobia for them. Her last move was when she was 9; she was taken to one of DSR's larger, not to mention, much cleaner, facilities as the last of the organization that originally took her in was eliminated. Here, she met her cousin, Cody McCarthy, who also had bat-like shifting abilities. As he was more proficient at shifting, and Mary was struggling to shift without being electrocuted, they spend most of their free time together as Cody began giving her tips on how to shift on command. It was here that Mary was finally filled in on all of the happenings of supers over the last few years; the exploitation of superhumans, the genocide and war, and a bit more gently, the death of her mother. Mary was shocked, and after going through a shift that had been induced by her emotions, wondered if Joe was still alive and if she would ever see him again. Cody solemnly swore that he'd reunite with her with her older brother. Shortly after this conversation, the base was broken into by Thane and co. With their help, the McCarthys escaped.

From ages 10-13, Mary and Cody were constantly on the move in an attempt to keep out of the conflict, but when war and violence seems to be around every corner, it's hard to completely avoid. Cody continued to teach Mary to control her powers through more personal training sessions. These sessions were few and far in between since they had to find a way to do it far away from prying eyes, but it was enough for Mary to steadily start learning about her powers. They were making their way down south to try and see if they could find any leads on where Joe was when someone stumbled upon their training. The pedestrian witnessed both of them shift and was quick to contact the DSR. Before they knew it, armed soldiers came to them, ordering them to relocate to the reserve. By this point, Cody had developed an intense fear of being trapped in one place, and therefore resisted their attempts to take them in. As a fight started to break out, he told Mary to run. She did, and he was able to hold them back long enough so that she could get away, but died in the process.

Mary spent the next few months running from the DSR. It was mostly luck that she managed to evade them for so long, but when they finally caught her, they took her to the Reserve by force. She has since run into Muse, who has informed her that Joe was in the reserve as well, and has talked her into basically being his little sidekick with the guarantee that he will reunite her with her brother. For now, she helps him out on whatever ideas he needs, but plans to part ways with him to live with the only family she has left.


Bullet; BlueTime Zone: Central (UTC -6:00)


Bullet; BlueRelationships:

Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackHate

Bullet; BlackDislike

Bullet; YellowAcquaintance

Bullet; BlueFriend

Bullet; GreenGood Friend

Bullet; PinkCrush

Bullet; RedLove

Bullet; PurpleFamily

Bullet; White Unsure

Bullet; Purple/Bullet; Red  Joe McCarthy

Bullet; Yellow/Bullet; Blue Muse

Bullet; BlueRole play Sample:

Joe sat in the back of the truck, seething inwardly. He couldn't have been back in America for one hour before his hat decided to practically fall off his head where everyone could see. He'd been told that most people would probably freak out at the sight of his ears, but he certainly didn't expect the whole airport to go into total chaos upon seeing a super. He'd tried to run, for fear of what was to come, but the DSR caught him before he got far. What was really irking him though, was that he was being completely babied for being blind. He'd tried to explain that the help wasn't needed, and even got rather snarky when they tested his patience, but he was smart enough to just keep his mouth shut and go with it when they started threatening him if he 'resisted' any longer. Given that this was the government he was dealing with, chances were that they were going to go through with it, too.

Resting his elbows on his knees, Joe continued to mentally rant about this and that until he felt the truck stop and heard the engine cut off. He moved to get out himself, but the soldier next to him made a warning noise and moved his gun (it was safe to assume that his supposed 'rebellion' had made them keep an even closer eye on him), so the teen just bit his tongue and moved back to his previous position until he heard the door open and was ordered to get out. Joe silently obeyed, hissing softly in pain when said soldier stood next to him and grabbed his arm a little too tightly, and started walking. His ears, once pinned back against his head angrily, stood up and pointed forward when he heard something in front of him at his shoes tapped against the pavement. It seemed there was a person waiting for them, leaning a vehicle.... a jeep of sorts, from the looks of it. A small groan escaped Joe's throat, both ears tilting outwards in a less-than-pleased manner. Looks like he'd have to put up with all this for a while longer.

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Falconicide Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I love read hair and she is adorable amfnsdjfdnd, also if I'm right you also rp Joe? (bat ears) Cause I've already met a few people including Teazer cx

Commenting on apps cause I'm a newbie :c
ShesaMystery Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaa, yes! I've been meaning to comment on your app for a while now, but I keep forgettinggggg

I'm glad you like her! And yes, Joe is my other character... his app won't be updated for a little while, yet, but if you wanna rp, feel free to note me! c: *rolls off to comment on your character*

Aw, that's okie. Everyone was a newbie at one point or another~
Falconicide Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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Falconicide Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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ShesaMystery Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Skype is on the top of my list, as that's when I'm the most responsive, but I can do notes, as well. Forums.... I tend to lose track on those. ^^;
Falconicide Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
okay my skype is falcon-kali
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; u ; Okay everything looks good! It'd be nice to see some ages included in there a little more often or grade levels when she's dealing with the bullies at school. :3 
ShesaMystery Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alright, I got a few ages in there. ;u;
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